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Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance systems are a truly effective and increasingly practical solution for companies, private homes whose benefits are multiple in many aspects, including because they can be interconnected with other systems such as alarm or motion sensors. Natural or legal persons have the potential to protect their values, benefiting from safety in areas predestined to business, industrial or private areas.

Advantages of DIALOG video surveillance solutions:

Remote monitoring. Managing business and work processes even from other regions or from very large distances, reducing the need for
real presence in employee activities.

Interconnection with alarm systems. During false alarms, these situations can be checked with video systems, the alarms being turned off
due to lack of necessity.

Increasing safety. Protecting material and intellectual assets and protecting their own safety, family and children, thus constituting a source of
inner peace.

Prevent theft attacks. Private or commercial spaces equipped with video systems are far less vulnerable to the villains, these
being warned of the risks.

Increase Productivity. Monitoring employees’ work increases their work productivity, causing them to do better

Efficiency of marketing strategy. With video systems in a store or shopping center, behaviors can be detected
consumer preferences for a specific product, thus contributing to the marketing research needed for an effective promotion strategy.

The installation and installation works of these surveillance systems are carried out by professionals in the field who do their job
conscientiously, qualitatively; specialists who respect the material and intellectual assets of the client, even taking into account the aesthetic aspect of the works.


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