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IT solutions with warranty

IT solutions with warranty

The century of technology has given mankind major opportunities for the development of society and its prospects. Including entrepreneurs have different opportunities to increase their profits, thanks to new technologies.

Thus, in order to actively contribute to the prosperity of the society, the DIALOG team, by outsourcing, provides a wide range of services to legal or physical persons. In the process of receiving, processing and transmitting information, our team is ready to provide the right solution for any problem or industry.

Our range of solutions includes a wide range of services:

IT Infrastructure Management (IT) Infrastructure – computers, servers, peripherals, components, software, etc .;
Computer repair – computer, laptop, monitor, printer, components, etc .;
Recharging and restoring cartridges;
IT consultancy;
Assistance in choosing and procuring computing, peripheral equipment, or any other electronic equipment;
Mounting of weak voltage, fiber, telephone, electricity networks.
Installation and configuration of video surveillance systems, access control, smart home, fire, security, sound;
Installation of electronic equipment, lighting fixtures, electrical fittings;
Space technologies – predestined to businessmen working in the fields of agriculture, engineering (gas, water, electricity, etc.), green spaces, maritime areas, etc., seeking a deeper analysis, control over the real situation, having the opportunity to make quick and accurate decisions;
We work to the advantage of the client, applying analytical practices to identify potential factors that generate or that can cause problems, providing optimal and relevant solutions to solve them. The primary task is to take on a number of tasks on the client’s shoulders, to ease the daily activity, to create multiple benefits for the development of the client’s business. And, of course, we offer affordable and appropriate prices for materials and services, the materials used being one of the quality guarantees that are due to our partners of honor.

Our services can also be available 24/7, online via the Internet, on the phone or on the client, with the preventive set-up of good times for the client. Thanks to the HELP DESK service, each client has a personal operator who can provide live phone or online advice by using remote access and remote assistance software.


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