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IT Security and Support

IT Support & Repairs


The services include :

  • Consulting
  • Aid to purchase electronic equipment
  • Managing computers and peripherals (printers, switches, etc)
  • Installing and configuring programs (software)
  • Configuration and management of electronic equipment
  • Managing network equipment
  • Server management
  • Repair computers (PCs, laptops, servers, tablets, phones, network equipment, printers, etc)

Hiring our team of experts gives you such advantages as :

  • Trained and prepared staff
  • We solve problems with different levels of complexity
  • We are fast and professional
  • We have extensive experience in the field
  • Great price
  • The exclusion of tax payments
  • Service price can be with or without VAT
  • Service may be provided and beyond working hours


You get an excellent team for an excellent price, which will solve all your problems and will allow you to work in comfort for a long time.

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