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Alternatives to natural light – artificial lighting

Artificial lighting is designed to compensate daylight after sunset, making human activity more efficient during the 24 hours. But with the development of technologies, light sources are varied and influence both aesthetically and psychologically. Depending on the client’s needs, we can arrange the arrangement of different living or working spaces. General Lighting – Ensures uniform[…]

Help Desk – Technical solutions even remotely

Developing a company also involves some technical problems that can inevitably occur in working processes, creating inconveniences for employees and leading to money, time and energy losses to be solved. Often, such incidents are being attempted by personnel that does not have sufficient knowledge, ultimately affecting the entire productivity of the company. The Help Desk[…]

Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance systems are a truly effective and increasingly practical solution for companies, private homes whose benefits are multiple in many aspects, including because they can be interconnected with other systems such as alarm or motion sensors. Natural or legal persons have the potential to protect their values, benefiting from safety in areas predestined to[…]

IT solutions with warranty

The century of technology has given mankind major opportunities for the development of society and its prospects. Including entrepreneurs have different opportunities to increase their profits, thanks to new technologies. Thus, in order to actively contribute to the prosperity of the society, the DIALOG team, by outsourcing, provides a wide range of services to legal[…]

Smart home systems

The concept of a smart home is becoming reality more and more requested, the advantage of which is related to the rapid development of technology, which contributes to the increase in comfort of housing also affects their development. If you usually manage all the shares in the house manually, and then using the smart house[…]

Use of space technologies

Development of technologies in sec. XXI already affects all spheres of human activity, optimizes work processes and results. Population growth around the world increases overall consumption, especially food, so farmers are already forced to use modern technology to compete and get better results. How amazing this is, but space technologies can also be used in[…]