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Alternatives to natural light – artificial lighting

Alternatives to natural light – artificial lighting

Artificial lighting is designed to compensate daylight after sunset, making human activity more efficient during the 24 hours. But with the development of technologies, light sources are varied and influence both aesthetically and psychologically.

Depending on the client’s needs, we can arrange the arrangement of different living or working spaces.

General Lighting – Ensures uniform room illumination, designed for day-to-day activities, achieved by lamps or ceiling lights.

Ambient lighting – It is installed with general lighting by indirect light and is recommended for passageways

such as halls.

Local or accent lighting – Made with additional lighting items such as lamps, suspended lamps, lamps. Contribute to

accentuating elements like: paintings, architectural works, furniture, lighting are placed above objects or above the surface

For work.

Decorative Lighting – Requires lighting installation for aesthetic purposes in various types of spaces, reflecting the light that is contemplated.

The productivity of human activity may decrease significantly, often due to the uncomfortable light environment, which can also lead to negative effects on vision, causing stress. Often, we only choose to satisfy the visual need, avoiding the ambient light factor, so we recommend that you take into account all aspects of lighting systems. Whether they are incandescent or fluorescent, they must provide a relevant light intensity for the space used, avoiding the shadows or heating the atmosphere, the light being as close as possible to the natural one. Likewise, choosing the finishes for a space arrangement should be relevant to lighting systems as they are part of the interior or exterior design and part of the work productivity or comfort of their own dwelling. In this regard, our specialists can give you useful advice and recommendations about any projected lighting design, necessarily taking into account the qualitative and aesthetic factor.


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