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Space Technology

We offer new products and services in the field of remote sensing of space!

Today technologies have become part of everyday life, and bring improvement, improvement, process optimization, cost savings, comfort, progress in different areas.

The product includes processing and broadcasting satellite images and planning flight missions  according to customer requirements. Later images can serve to obtain value-added products by deriving products from level L1 (basic images), L2(images with cartographic projection) in products with levels L3 (georeferenced images with DTM), L4(DEM & DTM), L5(mosaic from images) and the use of RPC products.

Currently available constellation of 19 satellites belonging to the global distribution network



  • Cadaster
  • Green spaces
  • Agriculture
  • Seaports, Airports
  • Engineering
  • Defense and national security
  • etc.


  • Monitor crop harvest forecasts
  • Analysis based on NDVI (vegetation index)
  • Determining the injured areas after natural disasters (hail, torrential rain, burning of fields, etc.)
  • Efficient land use

Green spaces

  • Monitoring hydrographic objects (lakes, rivers, canals)
  • Monitoring of forest areas (evidence of cutted areas, etc.)
  • Analysis of damaged areas by fires, deforestation, avalanches, the impact of parasites, etc.)
  • Detection of environmental offenses upon environmental protection laws
  • Environmental Contamination


  • Monitoring progress of construction
  • Evolution of the communication network (gas distribution networks, electricity, water, oil, telecommunications)
  • Digital maps of cities

Other posibilities

  • High quality photofrom 4-x to 16 times
  • Radar and optic filming of the same surface
  • Multispectral photos hooting without cloud problems
  • Radar filming(L-diapazonși X-diapzon) resolution1 m (1 pixel)
  • Optic and video filming with resolution 0.5 m (1 pixel)

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