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Quality. Stability. Safety.

Direct help in overcoming any difficulties in interacting with technologies.
IT Support & Cyber Security

We manage a wide range of equipment from printers to servers. 00000000000000000000000000000

Online IT Support Service

To solve any technical problems on your computer, phone, or other devices – call  1511!

Installations & Automatization

LAN, tel-systems, video surveillance , access ctrl , electrical systems, etc. 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Space Technology

Access the constellation of 120 satellites belonging to the global distribution network.

Our Products

IT services, automation systems, development of web pages and more you will find in our online store!

Космические Технологии

Обработка спутниковых изображений, радарная и оптическая съемка территорий, а также созвездие 19-ти спутников и прочие услуги.

Do you have any problems with your computer, phone, or other devices ?

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Our Projects

Automation & Installation


IT Security and Support


IT Helpdesk Online


Space Technology & Services


IT outsourcing is the most important service of today!


Our company includes not only basic work in the concept of outsourcing.

We are focused on delivering quality, fast service with a profound task analysis – which ultimately guarantees customers’ confidence!


We offer a comprehensive professional IT audit and outsourcing. You just need to call us and describe the tasks assignment. Leave the rest to us.

Provided services

  • Installation of operating systems
  • Install programs
  • Removal of malicious programs (viruses, trojans, worms, etc.)
  • Improving computers
  • Configuring network equipment and the Internet
  • Installation and configuration of servers
  • Installation and configuration of peripheral equipment
  • Data recovery
  • Computer network
  • Wi-Fi
  • Telephony
  • Video surveillance
  • Video and Audio Domophones
  • Control access(Acces control)
  • Security
  • Fire Fighting
  • Alarm buttons
  • Keeping track of staff time
  • Barriers, turnstiles, automatic gates
  • Sound
  • Electricity
  • and other
  • Study of the structure and processes of the enterprise
  • Inspection of premises, choice of technical solutions
  • Creating and implementing a project on Networking, Telephony, Wi-Fi, Sound, Electricity and other networks based on collected data
  • Delivery of necessary materials and devices
  • Testing
  • Design and implementation of projects on the necessary networks and systems
  • Installation of networks and systems (computer network, Wi-Fi, audio, telephony, video surveillance, access control, security, fire protection)
  • Delivery and configuration of equipment
  • Installing and Configuring Server Systems (Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD)
  • Web page design
  • Implementing electronic document management systems
  • Installation, configuration, software development
  • IT outsourcing provides an opportunity to focus your efforts on processes that bring direct profit
  • There is no need to increase the company’s staff to the detriment of the core professionals
  • There are no costs for searching, selecting and integrating new IT professionals
  • When IT outsourcing is applied, there is a reduction in indirect costs (office, equipment, taxes)
  • There is no need to double IT key professionals (in case of sickness, holiday, etc.)
  • There are no costs for the training and certification of technical specialists
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We invite you to cooperation!

We are always interested in joint participation in large or small projects. Entrust your fleet of equipment to our qualified specialists. A qualitative and affordable work for the price you will like. Accurate execution and rapid response are a characteristic feature of our team. A wide range of services in the IT field. Adaptation to the needs of the client. Work during after-hour time. Own car park.
Any IT tasks should be shifted to our shoulders! You will be satisfied!
Write or call us right now and get a free consultation on IT matters, security and safety systems, questions on equipping, setting up and maintenance of equipment and much more.

Do not leave for tomorrow, ask questions right now!


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